Opera in two acts
for seven solo singers, chorus and orchestra

Music and libretto Yves Prin
based on the novel Seta by Alessandro Baricco
in the french translation by Françoise Brun

sponsored by the Association Beaumarchais | SACD

Duration : 135 min.

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> Argument


ervé Joncour seemed to have it all; he was loved and had a successful business as a silkworm retailer. But in 1861, the pebrine plague threatened his industry and the economy of the entire city. Pushed by his mentor, the eccentric and visionary Baldabiou, he begins an endless journey to Japan in order to bring back new precious silkworm. There, in what was then the end of the world, he makes the acquaintance of Hara Kei, a powerful and wiseWarlord. His eyes meet the enigmatic master’s YoungWife. From this point on, his attraction to a woman with whom he never exchanges a word directly, the plot of his incredible return trips between France and Japan is woven. Hervé Joncour, lost between a loving wife and the longing for a love he will never know,witnesses his own rise and fall, and then lets slip away, unable to seize it, the thread of his existence. One will say softly “Stay” the other furtively would slip him a note on which is written “Come back, or I’ll die.” An unexpected letter in beautiful calligraphy will eventually reveal to Hervé Joncour that he had only one true love and that he had lost it twice.


> Cast of characters


In France

32 years old, buys and sells silkworms
HÉLÈNE, mezzo-soprano
Wife Hervé Joncour. They live in Lavilledieu
Implanted 20 years earlier the silkwormbreeding industry in Lavilledieu
Japanese courtesan, in Nîmes
YOUNG GIRLS at Mme Blanche’s house, in Nîmes


In Japan

HARA KEI, bass
Japanese warlord, master of what the world is able to export out of the Island
HARA KEI'S YOUNG WIFE, lyric soprano
Her eyes are not oriental-shaped, her face is that of a young girl
14 years old, Messenger of love
COURT LADIES, Elegantly dressed in bright colours, their face powdered in white
DANCERS, ACROBATS, among which the Man who Makes You Laugh
THREE OLD LADIES, with wrinkled hands
TWO OLD LADIES, playing on stringed instruments
A YOUNG BOY who plays shakuhachi
MAN AND WOMAN of Hara Kei’s village



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Argument | Notes by the composer | Cast of characters | Chronology | Synopsis | Yves Prin | Alessandro Baricco | Tessituras | Orchestra and Choir - Nomenclature

 Roles | Document (in french) pdf [ format .pdf ]

Personnages | Tessituras | Distribution of roles | Interventions singers | Interventions by characters

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